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I Don't Give a Fuck issue #4 (Bookazine)

Did you ask for nudes??
I Don’t Give a Fuck IV (Bookazine)
A5, Blanco y negro, 96 páginas, 62 000 palabras.
¡Versiones disponibles en inglés y en español! 
(English version tbr in late summer!)

Zine teaser

Entrevistas y conversaciones en profundidad abarcando diferentes aspectos y contenidos sin filtro (drogas, suicidio, política, viajes, espacios, mentalidades, subversión, corrosión, humor, empoderamiento, inquietudes, actitud, sentimiento de comunidad y un largo etc.) con Changoz! (Paraguay), Damien de Coene (Charles Razeur, Dark Field Recordings, Manual de Combate (Chile), O Pazo dos Lobos (con el Colectivo Lumes do Norte; uno de los múltiples enlaces con la escena crust de Galicia), Viajes en trenes de carga: USA, México y Canadá (con Argéniz, de los mexicanos Máquina Muerta).

Reportaje especial sobre las revueltas de Chile de 2019, con la colaboración de Julio Cortés Morales (abogado especializado en derechos humanos), con los artículos: "La batalla de Santiago. Recuerdos del lunes 21 de octubre de 2019" y "Violencia sexual y mutilación masiva como política represiva". Reseñas de música, libros y fanzines. 

Imperecedero Discos (Chile) editará para la distribución en América Latina.

Distribución en España y en Europa a través de IDGF. 

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Tenemos los siguientes packs/bundles:
-IDGF #4 4EUR + gastos de envío (pesa menos de 250 gramos)
-IDGF #4 + 12" de los compañeros de Manual de Combate (a quienes coeditamos) > 15EUR + gastos de envío
-IDGF #4 + IDGF #2 y #3 + IDGF #1 > 7,50 EUR + gastos de envío
-IDGF #4 + IDGF #2 y #3 + IDGF #1 + 12" de Manual de Combate > 19EUR + gastos de envío.
¿Pedidos? Tenemos preferencia por los mails para organizarnos (adjuntar vuestros datos en el primer contacto), aunque también podéis largarnos inbox. Transpirad de pillarlos por bandcamp, que nos hacen perder billetes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*Todos los contenidos han sido realizados en exclusiva para este número, a excepción de la entrevista a Damien de Coene, originalmente publicada en la página web de Musique Machine, y los artículos de Julio cortés, publicados con anterioridad en diversos medios.




I Don’t Give a Fuck 4 (Bookazine)

 A5, black and white, 96 pages, 62 000 words

Spanish and English versions! 

In depth interviews and conversations, dealing with different subjects and contents without filter (drugs, suicide, politics, travels, spaces, mentalities, subversion, corrosion, humor, empowerment, concerns, sense of community, attitude and so on and so forth) with Changoz! (Paraguay), Damien de Coene (Charles Razeur, Dark Field Recordings), Manual de Combate (Chile), O Pazo dos Lobos (with the Spanish Collective Lumes do Norte, one of the many links with the Galician crust scene); Cargo train journeys in USA, México & Canada (with Argéniz from the mexicans Máquina Muerta). 

Special report about Chilean revolts in 2019, with the collaboration of Julio Cortés Morales (lawyer specialized in human rights), with the articles: “The battle of Santiago. Memories from Monday 21st of October of 2019” & “Sexual violence and massive mutilation as repressive policy”. Music, books and zine reviews. 

Imperecedero Discos will print copies in Chile for the Latin American distribution.

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idontgiveafcknewsletter[at]gmail.com (and yes, it’s fck, not fuck) 

 *All the contents have been done in exclusive for this issue, excluding the interview with Damien de Coene, originally published in the Musique Machine webpage and the articles by Julio Cortés, previously published on the net and previously only available in Spanish.

lunes, 8 de marzo de 2021

IDGF 001

Manual de Combate (Chile) - Mapas Auténticos del Mundo Imaginario. Mapas Imaginarios del Mundo Real. ('Authentic Maps of the Imaginary World. Imaginary Maps of the Real World').

  “Into a dependency without dreams, we are continuing to lose our lives at work”, says one of their lines. Fear, silence or this hyperconnection that drives us further away and isolates us are just some of the scars of the contemporary world. It is easy to relate to Manual de Combate.
After five years as a band, – marked by little steps, touring – or the Chilean revolts, the rage of this album culminates in the thirteen minutes of Aparcoa, a jazz-inspired opera that advocates breaking with the frames of reference. In this fight against alienation – and oneself – the value of illusion is all-pervasive in this band, where post-hardcore, jazz, noise and hints of free jazz become one and the same. What is to be done in the face of this fire that reminds us that everything seems possible?



It will be pressed in black vinyl 12", limited to 300 copies. Cover artwork and inlay design by Caro Lagos. Lyrics and English translation will be included. We'll cover European distribution from Spain with 100 copies. Catalina Records from Urugay and Imperecedero Records from Chile, will cover Latin American distribution.

Preorders are now available from us. Drop us a mail to idontgiveafcknewsletter[at]gmail.com


viernes, 18 de octubre de 2019

I Don't Give a Fuck issues #2 and #3 are finally out!!!

The next issue is finally out! A5, 80 pages, English written.

-Interviews with: DooM (UK), Filth of Mankind (Pol), Hongo (Spa), 
Sete Star Sept (Jap), Ruido de Rabia (Spa), Martin Sorrondeguy 
(Los Crudos, Limp Wrist) and Hogre ("Subvertising").
-Articles: "The Day I Broke my Hymen Again" & "Anti-Now"
-Music, books and zine reviews.


-Bigcartel: https://idontgiveafuck.bigcartel.com (In case that it doesn't work mail us ;) ).
-Email: idontgiveafcknewsletter[at]gmail.com (and yes it’s fck, not fuck)
-Blogspot: http://idontgiveafcknewsletter.blogspot.com/

Teaser of the contents:


"Money may come back, time don't" states the introduction of the issue. After a first number of merely 16 pages at the end of 2017, two new issues come together in a single one. Taking the same political impetus and cultural radicalism the following chapter delivers in depth contents, questions and thoughtful ideas. Escaping from the norm and avoiding hateful things such as "do you like pineaple in the pizza?", stuff that nobody would like to find when paying and waiting for a zine to arrive home.

Done between late 2018 and 2019 the ideas and elements exposed were already thought since the 1st issue was published. As always, there are interesting things on the way and very enriching stuff to dig into, like can be seen in the article "The Day I Broke my Hymen Again" to put an example. A long process since the first scratches, the discards, the struggle until everything is ready to be printed. 
As for the contents, everything has been done by IDGF except the Wormrot review or the Ruido de Rabia interview, already published in Agente Provocador, but translated to English in its entirety. The same happened with Martin Sorrondeguy one previously posted in "Latin Bliss" zine but only available in Spanish. If someone has already done it, and probably better and different than what you are probably going to do it... Why not to share efforts and work together? It's useless to ask the same questions and ideas to people again and again.

It's been an interesting yet stressful - why are we going to lie? - journey. But why about two issues in one? IDGF originally started as a newsletter and had in mind to just include two or three interviews, an article, a few reviews and that's it. Seems that the poisonous sting of self-commitment caught us and felt that it wasn't enough for this assault. We tried to took care as well of its atmosphere, like if it was a good album. But it's not something to be judged by ourselves.

Regarding the future, there are already some ideas and possible paths to be taken. However, it's better to let the contents mature in a cellar than just making things as a kind of nonsense. It may take us a year or two, idk. It's not time to put deadlines. Quality over quantity, death to quick consumerism culture.

IDGF - October 2019.

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2018

Sete Star Sept + Brutal Blues EUROPEAN TOUR!!!

Hi there, how is it going?

We are happy to announce our contribution to this maniacs setting a show in
A CORUÑA, Galicia, at the Northwest of Spain!! :)

Here you have the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/917512681769756/

Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal... don't forget to check the other cities where they are going to stop!! https://zkam.org/bb/

miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2017

I Don't Give a Fuck newsletter #1

Hello internet,
after some delays, I Don't Give a Fuck newsletter #1 is finally out.

A-5, 16 pages, english written featuring interviews with Agathocles (BEL) and Máquina Muerta (MEX); Nato-sponsored terrorism: Operation Gladio article and music reviews.

Prices, shipping rates included (at least for the present year).

Spain: 1,60 EUR*
Europe (Greenland included): 2,75EUR*
Rest of the world 3,00EUR*
*Note that it's not registered, if not prices would be ridiculous
For ordering more than one issue, possible trade or wholesale, contact me before.

                   Beyond personal reasons, why this newsletter has born?

-Fight back that postmodernism which nullifies political positionings, that nihilism which says that everything is done or that fukuyanism which says that capitalist society has won and that we don't have any other choices of building something new and different.
-Same happens with that feeling of derrotism, it's ok to know about it, feel it and so on, but can't be a constant. Reaction to this are the way the interviews or contents of this zine are elaborated. Try to shake our minds and look further than our noses and restrictions.

IDGF is focused on punk, crust, grind, hc, powerviolence or even some noisy stuff if it has a political orientation on it or not at all if we really like it. We may include different things as an exception, but interviews will be generally focused on this kind of stuff. Regarding reviews, the name is a reaction too against borders between genres. Expect whatever inspire us...
What we aren't going to accept homophobic, sexist, racist-punching woman shit. Fuck that.

Orders and/or contact: idontgiveafcknewsletter@gmail.com (due to censorship it has to be fck, not fuck).

Promos and physical stuff releases are more than welcome. Feel free to contact us :)

P.S.: cooking #2 issue for being released in April 2018.

I Don't Give a Fuck issue #4 (Bookazine)

Did you ask for nudes??   I Don’t Give a Fuck IV (Bookazine) A5, Blanco y negro, 96 páginas, 62 000 palabras . ¡Versiones disponibles en ing...