Our interests range from hip hop, jazz - and deviations like free jazz, - noise and industrial sickness, among many other things. That's the kind of stuff we are mainly interested to release. It goes without saying that we aren't going to release everything and that we are picky cats; we value a lot originality or ambition and we listen to everything tons of times before deciding if to release or don't. Feel free to send us a mail with your stuff. If we don't reply in like fifteen/twenty days, we ain't interested on it. Cheers.

 IDGF 003

 Manual de Combate - 'Damos vueltas en el círculo de la noche mientras el fuego nos consume' 

Flute + synth + bass + drums from Chile, continuing with their experimentation and venturing into their post hardcore/punk approach along with their political and alienation in lyrics, with some jazzy-funk incursions this time. Almost 20 mins in total. As for the title, was Guy Debord in here?

Blue protape including 16 page booklet with images and lyrics in Spanish, English and Portuguese. 130 copies in total, only 50 for European distribution. Co-released in Spain by Pifia Records, a faceless friendly altruist and us. 

Arwork by Bá @antitudo (Ordinaria Hit & Futuro); recorded by @nahuelmrtz; mastered by Steve Roche (Saetia - Off Minor), in @phdamage; proofreading by @arserinyos


  IDGF 002

 Mondo Podre - 'Necronomía de Subexistencia'

 7 string bass + guitars + blast beasts and screams inspired by the echoes of Full of Hell, Wormrot, Gridlink or Cryptopsy along with political lyrics and dystopian grind stories seasoned with some experimentation in between. First LP by Mondo Podre. Scigrind? 

12" black vinyl with insert limited to 200 copies. Coreleased along with minoR_obscuR, Finte Platten, Colectivo Bilis and Aktiver Ausstand in Plastik. Handmade artwork by @arserinyos. Band logo by @dantas.inferno.


 IDGF 001

Manual de Combate - 'Mapas Auténticos del Mundo Imaginario. Mapas Imaginarios del Mundo Real'. ('Authentic Maps of the Imaginary World. Imaginary Maps of the Real World').

  “Into a dependency without dreams, we are continuing to lose our lives at work”, says one of their lines. Fear, silence or this hyperconnection that drives us further away and isolates us are just some of the scars of the contemporary world. It is easy to relate to Manual de Combate.
After five years as a band, – marked by little steps, touring – or the Chilean revolts, the rage of this album culminates in the thirteen minutes of Aparcoa, a jazz-inspired opera that advocates breaking with the frames of reference. In this fight against alienation – and oneself – the value of illusion is all-pervasive in this band, where post-hardcore, jazz, noise and hints of free jazz become one and the same. What is to be done in the face of this fire that reminds us that everything seems possible?



It will be pressed in black vinyl 12", limited to 300 copies. Cover artwork and inlay design by Caro Lagos. Lyrics and English translation will be included. We'll cover European distribution from Spain with 100 copies. Catalina Records from Urugay and Imperecedero Records from Chile, will cover Latin American distribution.

Preorders are now available from us. Drop us a mail to idontgiveafcknewsletter[at]





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