miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2017

I Don't Give a Fuck newsletter #1

Hello internet,
after some delays, I Don't Give a Fuck newsletter #1 is finally out.

A-5, 16 pages, english written featuring interviews with Agathocles (BEL) and Máquina Muerta (MEX); Nato-sponsored terrorism: Operation Gladio article and music reviews.

Prices, shipping rates included (at least for the present year).

Spain: 1,60 EUR*
Europe (Greenland included): 2,75EUR*
Rest of the world 3,00EUR*
*Note that it's not registered, if not prices would be ridiculous
For ordering more than one issue, possible trade or wholesale, contact me before.

                   Beyond personal reasons, why this newsletter has born?

-Fight back that postmodernism which nullifies political positionings, that nihilism which says that everything is done or that fukuyanism which says that capitalist society has won and that we don't have any other choices of building something new and different.
-Same happens with that feeling of derrotism, it's ok to know about it, feel it and so on, but can't be a constant. Reaction to this are the way the interviews or contents of this zine are elaborated. Try to shake our minds and look further than our noses and restrictions.

IDGF is focused on punk, crust, grind, hc, powerviolence or even some noisy stuff if it has a political orientation on it or not at all if we really like it. We may include different things as an exception, but interviews will be generally focused on this kind of stuff. Regarding reviews, the name is a reaction too against borders between genres. Expect whatever inspire us...
What we aren't going to accept homophobic, sexist, racist-punching woman shit. Fuck that.

Orders and/or contact: idontgiveafcknewsletter@gmail.com (due to censorship it has to be fck, not fuck).

Promos and physical stuff releases are more than welcome. Feel free to contact us :)

P.S.: cooking #2 issue for being released in April 2018.

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