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Last update: February 2024


-12" Manual de Combate + 12" Mondo Podre + Manual de Combate tape + 4IDGF issues 34 EUR [39EUR with shipping included to Spain, 46 to Europe]

-12" Manual de Combate + 12" Mondo + 4IDGF issues 28,5EUR [35EUR with shipping included to Spain, 39EUR Europe]

-12" from Manual de Combate + 12" Mondo + IDGF 4 26,5 EUR

-12" from Manual de Combate + 12" Mondo 24EUR

-12" from Mondo Podre + IDGF IV issue 18EUR 

-12" from Manual de Combate + IDGF IV issue 15EUR

-IDGF issues I-IV 8EUR


Disclaimer: everything is written in English, unless specified.

-A la Deriva #0 (2021) [Spanish written] A5, 84 páginas. Entrevistas a Afeite Al Perro, Jaime Aukerman, La Internacional Fanzinista, O Inimigo, Ôkban, Pifia Records y Zanussi / Columnas / Nuevenoventaicinco / Fotos / Plantasia / Ashes / Textos / The World Is Yours / Los talleres de bici colectivos / Cólera / Hacia la abolición de la policía / ¿Qué ocurre con las cuidadoras? / Los Crudos / La simbología y su relevancia en el cambio social / Partes de mí que me asustan (Chris Crass) / Shit Eaters / Hasta siempre, Mr. Chi 2,5EUR

-Caos en la Moncloa #1 (6/2020) [Spanish written] A4, 48 páginas. Entrevistas  con Cuero, Golpe de Gracia, Gente Inteligente, Tentáculo, Venganza, Puro Odio, Brux, Revertt y Finale. 4EUR

-Coffeetimes #6 (2022) 48 pages b/w, A5. Interviews with: here and now records, spine, trevor vaughan, leech, heckdorlan, gen thalz, brom, + more funny stuff

-Garbage Fountain #3 (2019). 48 pages, A5, noisecore obssessed zine. Interviews with Anal Butt (USA), Days Of Hate (BRA), Death Basket (FIN), Turd Reich (FIN), Vomit Pint (FIN), SPHC (USA, label) + a bunch of reviews. 5EUR

-Garbage Fountain #4 (5/2021). 44 pages, A5, noisecore obssessed zine. Features interviews with Rectal Machete, Atentát Na Kulturu, MurhaMurhaItsemurha & Holy Boner. Articles: a list-type article about noisecore zines of the 2000s 5EUR

-I Don't Give a Fuck #4 (2021) "Bookazine"A5, black and white, 96 pages, 62 000 words. [Spanish and English versions!!] 

In depth interviews and conversations, dealing with different subjects and contents without filter (drugs, suicide, politics, travels, spaces, mentalities, subversion, corrosion, humor, empowerment, concerns, sense of community, attitude and so on and so forth) with Changoz! (Paraguay), Damien de Coene (Charles Razeur, Dark Field Recordings), Manual de Combate (Chile), O Pazo dos Lobos (with the Spanish Collective Lumes do Norte, one of the many links with the Galician crust scene); Cargo train journeys in USA, México & Canada (with Argéniz from the mexicans Máquina Muerta).

Special report about Chilean revolts in 2019, with the collaboration of Julio Cortés Morales (lawyer specialized in human rights), with the articles: “The battle of Santiago. Memories from Monday 21st of October of 2019” & “Sexual violence and massive mutilation as repressive policy”. Music, books and zine reviews. 4EUR

-I Don't Give a Fuck issues #2 and #3 (2019): A5, black and white, 80 pages, English written. -Interviews with: DooM (UK), Filth of Mankind (Pol), Hongo (Spa), Sete Star Sept (Jap), Ruido de Rabia (Spa), Martin Sorrondeguy (Los Crudos, Limp Wrist) and Hogre ("Subvertising"). -Articles: "The Day I Broke my Hymen Again" & "Anti-Now"-Music, books and zine reviews.  3,5EUR

-I Don't Give a Fuck newsletter #1 (2017) - Second press: A5, black and white, 16 pages, english written. Interviews with Agathocles (BEL) and Máquina Muerta (MEX); Nato-sponsored terrorism: Operation Gladio article and music reviews. 1EUR

-Troubled Sleep #4 (2020).16x23cm, 80g paper, black and white, 84 pages. Interviews with: Legless – Raw, savage, fiendish Harsh Noise; Reptile Womb – Cryptic and ritualistic Black Blood Summoning; Zona Industriale - First interview in decades for this ancient Italian Industrial legend; Jukka Siikala – Masterful visual artist combining classic traditions with perverted topics across an array of media and methods. 8,5 EUR



-Soejima Teruto - "Free Jazz in Japan: A Personal Story" (2018) [Public Bath Press, 367 pages] 28EUR


-Arabian Family Payback (SVK) x Blind Ruler Cursed Land (CZ) (2023) 12". Martial Industrial/Dark Ambient/ split influenced by Lehi/Stern gang or Muslimgauze. 14EUR

Atrofia Cerebral (Per) - Frase Crítica (2021) 12". Noisecore from Perú! 14EUR

-Axiom (USA) - "Eco-Punk" (2021) 12" transparent green vinyl. Recorded before the band splitted up and forgotten 'till a few years ago. Classic metal crust! Comes along with a poster!! 18EUR

-Culebra (Spain) - Culebra. 12" new wave, post-punk 10EUR

-Cunts (Japan) / Anal Butt (USA) split 7" 7EUR

-Dirty Wombs (Japan) - Accursed to Overcome 12" Punk/hardcore 14EUR

-Exacerbación (Costa Rica) - Ser Humano Atroz 10". Political grind-noise. 8,5EUR

-Final Exit (Japan)- Seasons are going and going... And lives goes on. 12" grind, noisecore and taking the peace  14EUR

-Illya (Japan) - Microcosmos 12" 14EUR

-Mármol (Spain) - Declaración Total de Guerra 12" 10EUR

-Manual de Combate (Chi) - Mapas Auténticos del Mundo Imaginario. Mapas Imaginarios del Mundo Real. ('Authentic Maps of the Imaginary World. Imaginary Maps of the Real World'). 12" black vinyl. 12EUR

-Mondo Podre (Spain) - Necronomía de Subexistencia 12" black vinyl. 7 string bass + guitars + blast beasts and screams inspired by the echoes of Full of Hell, Wormrot, Gridlink or Cryptopsy along with political lyrics and dystopian grind stories seasoned with some experimentation in between. First LP by Mondo Podre. Scigrind? 15EUR

-Sete Star Sept (Japan) - Beast World 12" full-length from the japan noisecore kings of the road. Side A: chaos and busts, Side B: don't giving a fuck 14 EUR

-Xerión (Galicia, Spain) / Ereshkigal (México) split 12", black vinyl. Black metal attack from both bands. 14 EUR

-Xerión (Gal., Spain) - Ruina e Decadencia 7". Three new tracks of this veteran black metal horde. More depressing than usual and with dungeon synth hints. TRADE ONLY!!



-Hongo (Spain) - "Live to Ruin": Live record from this veteran Galician Crust/Sludge band 7EUR

Pro CD-R:

Akoúphenom/Kursk - split 7,5EUR Black/death vs death metal


Anal Butt (USA / Shitnoise Bastards (Malaysia) - "Shitting a Wind of Olfactory Pain" TRADE ONLY!

Manual de Combate (Chile) - "Damos vueltas en el círculo de la noche mientras el fuego nos consume". Flute + synth + bass + drums , continuing with their experimentation and venturing into their post hardcore/punk approach along with their political and alienation in lyrics, with some jazzy-funk incursions this time. Pro blue tape + 16 page booklet with images and lyrics in Spanish, English and Portuguese. 8EUR

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